25 Awesome iPhone Apps for Online College Students

The iPhone has long been a learning tool for college students. Don’t believe us? Then visit the iTunes U store to check out the 350,000 and growing educational resources. They include lectures, course materials, and much more for students at any level who are looking to increase their learning or simply get help writing their next paper.

However, there are far more uses for your iPhone than just iTunes U. To prove it, we gathered 25 awesome iPhone apps for online college students. Whether you take all of your classes online, the traditional way, or a combination of the two, you can find many both free and paid ways to turn your phone into the most powerful learning tool you have, second to only your brain.

Free iPhone Apps for Online College Students

Because spending your money on a useless app takes away from tuition and pizza money, check these out at no cost.

  1. Dragon Dictation: Anyone can type a memo, note, or random thought into their iPhone. However, this free and amazing app actually lets you speak into your iPhone and convert it directly into text for everything from email messages to blog posts. Even if both hands are busy, your mouth is free to continue utilizing all of your iPhone capabilities.
  2. Evernote: One of the classics is still the best. This app lets you do everything from scribbling notes on your iPhone to taking pictures of old fashioned ones and even capturing text. You can also send notes to your computer, laptop, and other users. Premium accounts with extra features are available at a 50 percent discount for qualifying schools.
  3. CourseSmart: Whether looking to save trees or lighten your carrying load, electronictextbooks are all the rage. Use this app to make the most of them with your iPhone. Store, navigate, and study like never before.
  4. Merriam Webster Dictionary: Ditch that clunky dictionary for a free one that is just as good. The experts at Merriam Webster have been leading the dictionary field for years and offer all who visit their site this free iPhone app. Thousands of users have given it top rankings.
  5. TED App: Everyone from world leaders to curious students stop by TED to hear leaders speak on their respective field. Their free app offers cool features for exploring, saving, and viewing speakers. It even has an “Inspire Me” button for students who need help figuring out which talk to listen to first.
  6. Stanza: Although there are many free eBook apps just hoping that you will buy the latest best-seller from them, this one stands out. Fiscally conscious students will enjoy the access to the thousands of free public domain books contained in Project Gutenberg as part of this app. You can also customize font size, colors, viewing mode, and more.
  7. Wattpad: Sure, anyone can grab those fancy, published books. However, students looking to publish something of their own online or grab an undiscovered work can get this free iPhone app. Hopeful authors have published over 100,000 books and you can search by genre, popularity, and even by your favorite amateur author.
  8. Read it Later: Have a pertinent or just interesting article on the web that you really want to read or cite later? Use this app to download copies for your offline and online enjoyment. Tap, tag, and swipe your way to reading and citing material with the use of this easy tool.
  9. Kik Messenger: If you love free iPhone apps, chances are you don’t like paying for text messaging. There are loads of free apps that do just that, including this one that offers 50 free messages. However, with a platform set to share music, movies, and more in the works, it may make sense to get this one now.
  10. Snap Tell: Who has time to Google anything anymore? With this app, you can simply take a picture of a textbook, DVD, or CD to find loads of vendors offering it, along with the price and customer ratings. You can even scan the barcode with your camera.
  11. Talking Phrasebook: Are you learning a second language or just trying to communicate with an international student? These phrasebooks actually speak the phrase you are trying to say and you can even see it written out. With over two million downloads, you can choose from Arabic, French, Spanish, and more.
  12. Flashlight: Need to find something in your dorm room without waking your roommate or find something at the bottom of your backpack? Then download this app ahead of time to turn your iPhone into a simple flashlight. It also has a variety of colors and even a strobe light option.
  13. Dropbox: Finally, those who have had their iPhones for only five minutes may not have heard of Dropbox. For those who don’t have this app, download it now and thank us later. After you install the app, any file, such as a term paper, photo, or video, Dropbox automatically saves it to all your computers, iPhone, and iPad, and even the Dropbox website.

Paid iPhone Apps for Online College Students

Because education is an investment, check out these paid apps for online college students listed by price.

  1. Graphing Calculator: This app from Piglit has been touted as one of the best graphing calculators on the market. It is designed to replace the Texas Instrument PI83, which has over 100 math functions. For $0.99, you can get them all.
  2. Sketchbook: Because no student is above doodling when he or she should be studying, this painting and drawing app turns your iPhone into an art machine. For $0.99, it offers professional-grade painting and drawing tools in a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Use it to digitally capture your ideas as napkin sketches or produce artwork on-the-go.
  3. My Classes: This app grades your assignments, calculates your GPA, and reminds you of upcoming due dates even if the app is closed. It also features Dropbox integration to help back up your work. Currently selling for $1.99.
  4. World Atlas: Can’t point to Pakistan on a map? With this app, you can point to it on your iPhone. From National Geographic, this atlas puts the world literally in the palm of your hand with an amazing user interface. For $1.99, you also get flags, facts, and other information on each country.
  5. iHomeWork: Get the homework help you need with this app. It keeps track of your assignments, courses, and much more. For $1.99, it configures what you need for which class.
  6. iStudiez: Students of all ages can utilize this educational app. It offers the option to make a recurring schedule for study times, exams, quizzes, and more. For $2.99, it even sets alarms for various class times.
  7. Calvetica: Sure your iPhone already comes with a calendar, but its lack of features may just have you shelling out $2.99 for this impressive replacement. Calvetica can add an event in just two simple taps. Its interface is designed to be fast and has loads of features. You can even try before you buy with a free version.
  8. Cram: Do just what the app promises with a quick download. Study with flashcards that you create and show back to yourself. The app even grades your performance. An indifference to procrastination and $3.99  is all you need.
  9. Instapaper: If you need more in a downloading articles app, stop here. For $4.99, Instapaper offers more customizations, such as text and display, than its free counterpart. There is even a built-in dictionary, dark mode for night reading, and more.
  10. EleMints: Chemistry majors will appreciate this app, although every college student at some time or other has to take on the Periodic Table of Elements. For $4.99, you can get this amazing app that has loads of customizable versions of the table. Properties, graphs, descriptions, and more are all included.
  11. iThoughts: Get an interactive, mind-mapping tool with this app.  iThoughts integrates assignments, goals, to-do lists and much more into one, clean app. Before you spend the $7.99, be sure to check out the instructional video for how to use it to its best capabilities.
  12. Quick Office: Because Microsoft Office experience is a must for anyone looking to get a job in the real world, use this app to add “iPhone Word proficient” to any resume. Currently selling for $9.99, this app allows you to create, edit, and share both Word documents and Excel spreadsheets via your phone.