Online Announces First Winner of $10,000 Online Education Scholarship

Online in partnership with Education Aid, Inc. announced the winner for their first-ever “Online Support A Student Scholarship for Single Parents.” The recipient, Mary Nadeau, is an associate degree candidate studying criminal law at Remington College and a single mother of two young boys.

The scholarship was developed to help economically disadvantaged students who are at risk of dropping out of school due to a lack of financial support. Single parents taking online classes face many responsibilities that may require them to drop out of school such as earning money, raising children and managing a household. Sometimes, it proves too much of a financial burden and education suffers.

“I’ve thought about dropping out of school due to financial stress and not owning a computer,” said Nadeau. “Ten thousand dollars to me, means millions of dollars. I’ll be able to buy a computer instead of having to go to the library to complete assignments. I’ll have more time with my boys, and less time worrying about where the money will come from.” She added that after graduating from Remington, she’s considering obtaining her bachelor’s degree or starting her career in criminal justice.

Nadeau will be awarded $10,000 towards non-tuition related living expenses for the 2012 academic year such as:

• Rent
• Childcare
• Books and School Supplies
• Utilities – Gas and Electric
• Utilities – Internet Connection
• Groceries

Online is thrilled to be helping a student fulfill her educational goals. “We preach that it’s our mission to help people further their education and career goals, so it’s nice to be able to give back with this scholarship,” said a representative from Online “We received a lot of positive feedback, both from students and from schools who recognize the need for this type of aid for online learners. It’s a growing format, and right now, there aren’t a lot of scholarships available exclusively to students attending online classes. We’re looking to change that.”

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