Use to Stay Organized

Use to stay organized

Keeping track of websites can be a daunting task. Web browsers come and go. Bookmarks and Favorites folders/lists become unmanageable over time. The web provides a richness of information that can aid any online learner in their academic pursuits. Being able to search, sort, tag, and annotate a web bookmark is a core component to the online learner toolkit. provides an easy to use interface for your social bookmarks.

My bookmarks on currently total more than 4,500 websites. These bookmarks represent years of web browsing, research, curation, and collection. With bookmarks ranging from academic interests to entertainment, my bookmarks in contain a virtual, personalized library of searchable information.

One of the best aspects of is that you can log in to the site on any web-enabled device. You can access your bookmarks on your tablet, add a bookmark while surfing the web on your phone, and sort through thousands of personalized bookmarks without being restricted to a browser-based “favorites” list on a single computer.

Browser plugins

Convenience is a major feature of Adding a browser button to your web browser can speed up the bookmarking process. When you find a site that you would like to bookmark, simply click on the bookmark button, add a note, modify the bookmark title, tag it, and press save.

How can you use for a class?

Whenever you bookmark a website address using, you are given the opportunity to tag it using a label (or labels) that make sense to you. For example, let’s say you’re working on a paper for your history class. You can tag all of the websites that you are using as sources for your assignment. When you log in to, simply click on the tag for that history project and all of the links that you bookmarked (and tagged) will appear. You can even have bookmarks within bookmarks. Tag a website URL with more than one tag. That way, you can sort via your tag lists. E.g. History –> Papers –> Fall 2011. makes organizing your web bookmarks extremely easy.

Social Bookmarks

While may seem to be a fantastic addition to your individual learning toolkit, the site is also great for its social functionality. Your bookmarks can be an awesome resource to your peers. bookmarks can be made public or private. It’s up to you. However, sharing your bookmarks that you have curated over time can be helpful for collaborative learning experiences.

Be generous with your tags

With the old model of web bookmarking, you created a folder, and sent a URL into it. Oftentimes, you wouldn’t ever revisit the URL because your Favorites folder became unwieldy. The tag system in means that you can search and sort your bookmarks with ease. When adding a URL to your bookmarks, add multiple tags using words or phrases that make sense to how you search. Use descriptive words that will allow you to sort through your collection of bookmarks.

Once you get in the habit of using for your web bookmarks, you will never go back to browser-based bookmarking. Organization and efficiency are two important elements of the online learning experience. is simple to use and its benefits will be quite powerful.