100 Awesome Blogs for Roadschoolers

Just like online college students, roadschoolers bring the classroom with them wherever they go. While traveling in the family RV, students learn algebra, read Shakespeare, and study the periodic table. However, all this time on the road can be either a blessing or a hindrance when it comes to education. To help make it the former and not the latter, we have collected 100 awesome blogs for roadschoolers in just about every subject imaginable to help make study sessions in the Airstream Trailer more effective and interactive.

School on Wheels

Blogs for Roadschoolers by Roadschoolers

  1. Families on the Road: FOTR is a group blog that caters to families on the road. They have loads of home and roadschooling articles available. Just a few entries include educating while traveling, holidays on the road, and even how to roadschool at home.
  2. Tumble Wagon: This family of three chronicled their adventures on the road in this blog. They also have videos, podcasts, and photos. Click on Roadschooling to get entries specifically for education on the road.
  3. Trunkations: The editors of RoadsideAmerica.com give loads of tips of where to go during American travels. They also feature news, rants, ruminations, and even an iPhone app. Be sure not to miss the Sight of the Week with more.
  4. Homeschool Across America: Nine year old Caroline is from Oregon but she doesn’t go to school there. Instead, she is part of an educational travel adventure that can be read here.
  5. Roadschool Warriors: Both travel and adventure are featured in this blog. Popular posts include going international, sushi school, and a farmstay weekend.
  6. Soul Travelers 3: They are a family of three highly creative people and a mostly well oiled, harmonious team. Sections of interest include an FAQ, maps, reviews, and even parenting tips for the road.
  7. NuNomad Blog: Carmen Bolanos is a certified life coach and mother of three. She rarely stays in one place and often blogs on her travels and is occasionally joined by Richard Hamel, a freelance website designer.
  8. Digital Nomads: These travelers keep track of places visited digitally. With a whole network of people blogging, you are sure to get loads of tips on how to travel with and educate kids.

Teaching Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. Geocaching: Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. With over one million active games, there is sure to be one near you.
  2. Letterboxing North America: This is an intriguing pastime combining navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a treasure hunt style outdoor quest. A wide variety of adventures can be found to suit all ages and experience levels. Click on the desktop items above to explore this fast-growing hobby.
  3. Google Earth: Download this amazing tool to see where you have been, where you are going, and in some cases, where you are now. Best of all, there is a free version with 3D images, along with a pro version.
  4. Place the State: This is a game that teaches children the 50 states of America. Both kids and adults can have fun dragging and dropping the states into position. The site also has more games for kids.
  5. Online Board Games: If your vehicle doesn’t have room for dozens of games, you are in luck. Pogo offers tons of board games that the whole family can play. Choose from classics such as Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Risk, and hundreds of others.
  6. The Traveler IQ Challenge: “How well do you know your world?”is the question asked in this game. Click on area of the world to begin. Flags, photos, and Amazing Race are all options.
  7. 101 Car, Travel, and Road Trip Games for Kids: If the above isn’t enough for you, click here. The blogger at Mom’s Minivan has tons of games for the whole family. She also includes print outs and other road trip resources.

Reading Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. A2Z Homeschool Community: This is one of the leading sites and blogs for homeschoolers across the country. Check out the blogs, get activities, or even join in the community to get loads of tips.
  2. Guilt Free Homeschooling: This blog is run by Carolyn Morrison, an eleven year veteran of homeschooling her two children, from leaving public school in the elementary grades through high school graduation and into college. Categories are on everything from activity ideas to writing.
  3. Why Homeschool?: Several bloggers tackle the ups and downs of homeschool. Roadschoolers will especially enjoy the posts on cruise ships and rethinking how children study.
  4. Sprittibee:The Queen Bee blogger has loads of tips for homeschoolers of all ages. You can also get tips on food, friends, nature, faith, and more.
  5. Melissa Wiley: Get your home or roadschoolers to read more by visiting Melissa’s blog. She is an author of children’s books and often has tips and picks for kids.
  6. Notes From a Homeschooling Mom: This mother is entering her eighth year of homeschooling and has plenty to share. A good choice for those with older kids, a recent entry was on college and scholarships.
  7. Heart of Wisdom Blog: Robin Sampson has been a homeschooling mother for over 20 years. Topics include crafts, humor, reviews, and loads more. There are also options for homeschool help and lesson plans.
  8. Mrs. Hannigan’s Home for Girls: Lisa Russell blogs on being both a mother and teacher. She also has loads of recommendations for other homeschooling families.
  9. Homeschool Blogger: Thousands of bloggers stop here to share and discuss their own homeschooling stories. Stop by to read, start your own blog, or check out the top picks.

Homeschool Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. Literacy Launchpad: Amy is an early literary teacher and her best student is her son. Her blog is full of ways to get children to get excited about books, learning, and to share the joy of reading with children.
  2. Educating Alice: Monica Edinger is a teacher and blogs about teaching, her life’s work, and literature, especially children’s. Recent entries are on award winners and nasty fairies.
  3. Hooked on Phonics: The well-known reading tool also has a blog. Video clips and entries give quick and useful tips for helping anyone learn how to read.
  4. Chicken Spaghetti: Susan has been blogging about children’s books since 2005 and named her blog after her favorite casserole. Also a reading buddy for a first grade class, she writes about books for children and adults.
  5. Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The goal of the bloggers is to read and share lots of different kinds of books: picture books for toddlers, memoirs, young adult fiction, graphic novels, Man Booker Prize-winning, metafiction, and more. Now with a focus on illustration, you can still get loads of reading recommendations for kids.
  6. Big A Little a: Kelly Herold is an education professional from Iowa. Her blog is part of “The Edge of the Forest,”an online journal devoted to kid’s literature.
  7. Children’s Books: Elizabeth Kennedy is the expert blogger for About.com and children’s books. Her blog has loads of useful entries including the best books for boys, book buying advice, and even a video on how to make a story book with your kids.
  8. The Well Read Child: This blogger features recommendations, reading tips, and learning activities for the whole family to participate in. Reading recommendations are often given.
  9. Mother Reader: Visit her to get the heart of a mother, the soul of a reader, and the mouth of a smart alec. A must read for its views on “Walter the Farting Dog”alone.
  10. Book Dads: Fathers get in on the reading fun in this blog. Reviews, resources, and much more are all part of the blog.
  11. Children’s Bookshelf: This part of Project Gutenberg is designed specifically for kids. Choose from tons of books in anthologies, fiction, history, fairy tales, and much more.

Writing Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. Daily Writing Tips: The blog promises exactly what you would expect from its title. A good choice for both adults and children of all ages.
  2. Grammar Girl: Down and dirty writing tips are the foundation of this popular writing and reading blog. Choose from common mistakes, the top five grammar tips, and much more.
  3. Finding Wonderland: This blog was started in 2005 as a collaborative space for a writing group to share news, links, book recommendations, and thoughts on writing for young adults. See what they enjoy and recommend with a visit.
  4. Arthur Slade: Writing for young adults is the focus of this blog. Readers of his blog come from across the world and he often shares their pictures here.
  5. Wordstrumpet: Charlotte Rains Dixon is a novelist, ghostwriter, and writing coach living in Portland, Oregon. Visit her blog to get tips on how to improve and motivate for writing.
  6. World Building for Fun and Profit: Lisa Hartjes believes this is also known as writing. Categories range from the 100 Book Challenge to webcomics.
  7. Schott’s Vocab: A “miscellany of modern words and phrases”is found here. Each day the blog explores sites from across the world to bring you new words and what they mean.
  8. Ultimate Vocabulary: Similar to the above, this is another blog with the goal of boosting reader’s vocabulary. You can even choose advanced categories such as SAT, GRE, and more.
  9. Emma Walton Hamilton: Teach your children by doing in this blog. Author Emma Hamilton gives parents tips and strategies for writing their very own children’s book.

Mathematics Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. Homeschool Math Blog: Maria Miller loves teaching and math. Her blog is her way of helping others to teach math with lessons, tips, and even fun.
  2. The Math Mojo Chronicles: The goal of this blog is to help public school, homeschooling, roadschooling students, parents, teachers and adults learn math with easy and effective methods. Recent posts are on helping children learn algebra and respect for good teachers.
  3. Wild About Math!: Even if you or your student aren’t wild about it, math is made both fun and accessible in this blog. Be sure not to miss the Math Contest Problem Links with more.
  4. Let’s Play Math: Turn math into a game with the help of this blog. It is about learning, teaching, and playing around with K-12 mathematics.
  5. Ars Mathematica: If your roadschooler is more advanced, check out this blog. Entries are usually on math in higher learning scenarios.
  6. Math Learning, Fun & Education Blog: Dream Box helps loads of home and roadschoolers learn. This particular blog is devoted to math and often includes real life problems.
  7. Math Concepts Explained: Stop here for a free online math tutor, explaining mathematics concepts that commonly give students the most difficulties. Get entries for everything from accuracy to y=mx+b.
  8. Critical Thinking Puzzles: Because math isn’t just numbers on a page, stop here. The blogger has dozens of math puzzles to choose from and share with your roadschooler.
  9. Mathematics: Useful entries such as grading, compounding interest, and multiplication tricks are just a few of the reasons why you should visit this blog from About.com. You can also get worksheets, formulas, and references.
  10. The Unapologetic Mathematician : This blog is full of occasional high-level excursions, humorous observations, rants, and musings. John Armstrong loads his blog with complex math problems, as well as their solutions.
  11. Basic Mathematics : On the other end of the scale is this blog. There are entries for arithmetic for children, geometry, graphs, and even probability.

Science Blogs for Homeschoolers

  1. How Stuff Works: A popular site for both kids and adults alike, HowStuffWorks masters taking the difficult and explaining it for all to understand. Choose from thousands of guides, games, podcasts, blogs, and much more. There is even a section to send in your questions.
  2. Top Ten Science: The Science Channel features loads of educational programs. In this section, you can get their top ten lists on everything from accidental inventions to useless body parts.
  3. National Geographic: You don’t have to have a subscription or even a home address to take advantage of the educational resources found in this magazine. In addition to tools such as maps and photos, there are also education sites such as geography, expeditions, and many others.
  4. NASA: Get amazing views of the last frontier from the men and women who have seen it. Students can get lessons by grade, research tools, interviews with astronauts, imagery from telescopes and enough educational fun to fill your next road trip.
  5. 60 Second Science: Have your roadschooler learn science in just one minute with the help of Scientific American. There are also loads of other blogs and tools for the scientist and science student.
  6. Popsci: Get the latest news on science from Popular Science. You can also choose blogs on gadgets, cars, science, technology, and even DIY.
  7. The Discovery Insider: This channel is home to shows such as “Dirty Jobs”and “Mythbusters.” Their blog is an excellent way to stay up to date on the shows, as well as get useful scientific tips.
  8. Wired Blogs: If technology is the science for you, a visit to this site is mandatory. Thirteen expert blogs cover everything from automobiles to the web and everything in between.
  9. Futurity: What does science hold for the future? Stop at this blog to find out the latest advancements such as new gene discovery and nocturnal elephants.

History Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. History Classroom: The experts at the History Channel help roadschoolers with options such as lesson plans, study guides, and much more. They also have webcasts and video clips, along with invaluable PDFs on topics such as the story of America and how the Earth was made.
  2. History is Elementary: EHT is an elementary school history teacher and devotes her blog to teachers and anyone else who enjoys history education. A regular award-winner, top rated postings are on the American Revolution and telling a story.
  3. World of History Blog: The blog of Dr. Miland Brown features different aspects of world history. A recent entry was on who was the better Roman emperor and is ideal for getting both kids and parents discussing history.
  4. B4H: Blog for History writes mostly about the American Revolution and Civil War. Diaries, letters, and hot topics such as social justice and the founding fathers are featured.
  5. American Presidents Blog: Learn more about American presidents, First Ladies, and more on this blog. Everyone from Abigail Adams to Zachary Taylor is the focus of multiple blog entries.
  6. History According to Bob: Take a break from teaching history and let Professor Bob do the work. Fascinating stories of historical places, people, and customs are the subject of podcasts.
  7. History.net: The focus of this magazine is in its title. However, you need no subscription to read the features, the latest of which are on submarines of WWII, secession, and a daily quiz.
  8. BBC History: Go beyond American history with the help of the BBC. In addition to historical programming featured as clips, you can also get entries such as the 100 objects that tell two million years of history and loads of activities.
  9. Cronaca: If the above aren’t enough for you, visit here. This history blog gathers entries from across the web into one, convenient place.

Art Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. The Smithsonian: One of the most well-known museums across the world, their website is also worth a visit. Choose from options just for kids or teachers or get a look at some of the online collections.
  2. MoMA: The Learn section of the Museum of Modern Art is full of resources for kids. Research, online activities, and even options for teachers are all available.
  3. Eye Level: Produced by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the blog brings clarity to art. It often takes a piece featured in the museum and analyzes via blog.
  4. The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet: Craig Roland shares ideas and tools for teaching art in the digital age. Choose from tags on everything from activism to web sightings.
  5. Art Education 2.0: Use new technology to create a virtual art room. Loads of bloggers come here to share ideas, photos, videos, and more.
  6. Daily Dose of Imagery: Get a different artistic image every day by visiting this site. You can also visit the archives with more.
  7. 2 Cents Worth: This blog consists of the observations, experiences, and half-baked ideas of a 34 year vagabond educator. You can choose from loads of topics including sports, politics, music, medical, and more.
  8. Academic Aesthetic: Art, education, and technology combine on this blog from an actual art teacher. Tips, projects, and more are shared.
  9. Drawn!: A group of bloggers gather to teach students of all ages how to draw. Types of drawings include illustrations, art, cartoons, and many others.

Library Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. Awesome Library: Organize your roadschooling with 37,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top five percent in education. Current hot topics include the flag, multicultural, and climate change.
  2. Edu Hound: Their lesson plans offer thousands of free lessons that meet state and national standards. Choose from eight traditional categories or dozens of specialty ones.
  3. Jon’s Homeschool Resources: This site has been a source of neutral, non-commercial homeschooling information for over ten years now. Tools for where to begin and support groups are available with just a click.
  4. Teaching Resources: Veteran teacher Laura Candler packs her site with engaging printables and activities. Visit the virtual Teacher’s File Cabinet to find free classroom-tested activities you can print and use right away.
  5. Teach Mama: Get blog entries for learning in the everyday here. Her focus is also to empower parents with simple tools and resources to help their children.
  6. Tools and Ideas: This special feature is part of the National Education Association. Teachers, parents, and roadschoolers can visit to get useful items such as over 350 lesson plans, practical tips, and effective teaching methods.
  7. Unschooling: Sandra Dodd has loads of resources for home and roadschoolers including art, books, bribery, and many others. There is also a blog with more on her family life.
  8. Best Practices: This section of the U.S. Department of Education reviews and shares the best teaching practices. Choose from Doing What Works, What Works Clearinghouse, and other related topics.
  9. EHO Lite: Those who need help beginning a home or roadschool program should stop here. There are loads of reasons on how and why to begin a homeschool. They also have a blog to alert readers to the best deals in homeschooling.

Travel Blogs for Roadschoolers

  1. Places & Trips: Explore the world from the remote to the well-visited with help from the Travel Channel. Guides fill you in on places such as Gettysburg and Niagara Falls. You can even choose a trip by topic including art, food, history, and more.
  2. Family Travel Guide: This blog gives tips on hotels, vacations, and tours with the family in mind. They also have sections for theme parks, vacation ideas, and accommodations.
  3. Budget Travel: Plan your next trip with a budget in mind by utilizing this blog. Sections include This Just In, Real Deals, and even a How-to Handbook.
  4. Anthony Bourdain: Plan your next roadschooling meal with the help of the host from “No Reservations.” Anthony is a veteran of kitchens and blogs about the best and worst foods across the globe.
  5. Europe a la Carte: If this continent is part of your roadschooling, check out this blog. Amanda Kendle and others share useful tips such as best Parisian hotels and the best times to visit.
  6. Wanderlust and Lipstick: Get travel tips just for mom in this blog. Women’s travel tips are on tours, gear, tales, and even blogs.
  7. Travel Blog: Part of Families.com, this blog analyzes and reviews vacations for parents and kids. There are also useful tidbits for how to travel.
  8. Intelligent Travel: The editors at “National Geographic”showcase the essence of place, the unique, and what locals cherish the most. One of the more recent entries was on the night life of New York.
  9. Matador Network: Get an inside look at a city, town, state, or other by reading about from someone who lives there. A community of bloggers post on the best stops for tourists, as well as vacations they have enjoyed.
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