40 iPad Apps That Librarians Love

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Once you’ve received your B.A. or MLS in Library Science from one of the many online universities that offer such degrees, check out these 40 iPad apps that will make your job both easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to get creative or organize your work schedule, nearly every librarian will find these iPad apps useful, entertaining, and better yet, free!

Fun and Organizational iPad Apps for Librarians

  1. iBooks: This e-reader allows you to sample a page of many books before you decide to put in an order.
  2. Kindle: Like iBooks, this is an e-reader app that’s powered by Amazon. It’s different because it offers a far wider variety of books than iBooks.
  3. Stanza: This app is a standout because it works across the board with your iPhone or Touch, allowing you to catch up with your reading or selections no matter what toy you’re working with.
  4. Howcast : Learn how to do anything and everything from this clever video app that brings how-tos right to your screen.
  5. Tweeterena 2: If you’re only tweeting on the iPad, this is one of the best apps since it’s scaled to fit the larger screen.
  6. Box Net: Box Net can be used for work or play and allows you to back up your work so it’s accessible online.
  7. Outliner: Outliner helps you organize and get things together at the library and otherwise.
  8. Barnes & Noble: Here’s another e-reader and believe or not it has titles you can’t find with the Mac or Amazon e-reader apps.
  9. Touch Karma: For the librarian that deals with small children, this app helps point out at-risk children and those who are star pupils and may need more of a challenge.
  10. Docs Anywhere: This app allows you to check out your docs anywhere. Whether it’s Excel, MS Word or a PowerPoint presentation, you can get it on your iPad with this app.
  11. gFlashPro: Most librarians are always learning. This fun flashcard app allows you to explore subjects you already know and find out trivia for things you don’t.
  12. World Book – This Day in History: Improve your history knowledge with history tidbits for the respective day. This is great for posting on a library’s website or bulletin board daily.
  13. Pages: This is the Mac word document app that allows you easily create documents. Use it for library newsletters or handouts.
  14. Lanschool Teacher’s Assistant: If your library is considering allowing iPad apps for loan, be sure to install this app that will block certain content from the device and allow you to monitor the sites patrons are visiting with the library’s property.
  15. History – Maps of the World: Maps of the World isn’t just for history buffs. It’s useful for getting geographically familiar with the material you’re reading and sharing fascinating geography tidbits with students and patrons.
  16. Keynote: This fantastic app is made for librarians who have to create presentations. There are pre-made templates and graphics, allowing you to fill in the blanks.
  17. Free Books: This app is completely free and gives you instant access to many books including classics like Great Expectations and The Great Gatsby.
  18. eClicker: If you’re a librarian at a public library or work with older students, this app is useful for getting immediate feedback on various messages you send out.
  19. Sundry Notes: Get organized in one convenient place with Sundry Notes. This app also gives you the ability to search Google and Wikipedia.
  20. Netflix: Get cozy with the iPad and check out the movies available through the Netflix app. This is a great resource for librarians since many libraries are now making DVDs available for the public to check out.
  21. Pandora: Crank up the tunes with Pandora. If you’re already a Pandora user, you can log in with this app and you’ll automatically have your favorite stations at your fingertips.
  22. Scrabble: Librarians are usually word smiths, making Scrabble a favorite pastime for those who’ve sought a career among words.
  23. OmniGraffle: For the librarian who loves to get creative, OmniGraffle provides a great app for creating layouts and getting artsy. A favorite of designers and developers, this app will get your creative juices flowing.
  24. Bento: If you love to organize everything in your life, Bento is for you. The iPad version even has a section for surfing the web while organizing.
  25. Tweetdeck: Keep up with your students or community by getting on Twitter and chatting about what’s going on at your library.
  26. iNapkin: Like scribbling your random notes on a napkin, only far more sanitary and easier to keep up with. Librarians will appreciate this app because it keeps all of your notes in one place and allows you to categorize.

Job-Related iPad Apps for Librarians

  1. Pages: It’s the same program you know and love for your Mac computer, updated so it’s fit for the iPad. Use it to create memos, newsletters and any other word document.
  2. Evernote: This is the ultimate note-taking app. Organize your thoughts on”paper” or use the audio function to talk aloud and have your iPad do the work for you.
  3. Moodboard Pro: Love to whip up an inspiration board? Use Moodboard Pro to create and organize nearly anything going on in your life or your library.
  4. Dropbox: For the librarian that loves having technology on his or her side, consider Dropbox for allowing your smart phone, computer and iPad join forces.
  5. Osfoora HD: For those who tweet exclusively for work, check out this app which supports multiple Twitter accounts allowing librarians to share and interact.
  6. Dictionary: Need a definition…right now? Dictionary takes care of it for you with just a few taps.
  7. Wikipanion: Wikipedia fit for the iPad. This allows you to look up a wealth of information to assist your patrons if they have a question.
  8. GoodReader: Check out this app for saving web pages and then checking them out when you don’t have wifi access.
  9. Quick Office: With this app, you’re basically taking your entire office on the road. It allows you to create and edit MS Word and Excel documents.
  10. The Guardian Witness This is the iPad version of The Guardian newspaper, which can give you a perspective of world news from the other side of the pond.
  11. Newsrack: For news from around the world, check out this app that displays all of your news in a layout fit for the iPad.
  12. Offline Pages: Save entire web pages and pick up reading right where you left off when you were near a wifi hotspot.
  13. Audiobooks: Because even librarians don’t have all the time in the world to sit down and read every book they’re interested in. Now you can download literature and listen on your commute or while in the office.
  14. ICDL: This is an amazing app and a great resource to share with parents who also own an iPad. There are thousands of free children’s books available in many languages.
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