50 Awesome Blog Posts for the Kindle Addict

Kindle and the other e-readers on the market today have attracted swarms of ardent followers who enjoy their portability and convenience – not to mention the amount of money saved over time! In fact, many college students and professors now use e-readers for academic purposes. Students can take notes and highlight portions of the text right on the screen as well as look up definitions and save Web pages to read later. Students enrolled in online colleges especially, find e-readers useful.

Not surprisingly, those who enjoy these gadgets flock to the Internet to share their ideas and findings with others eager to learn as much as they can about their literary investment. This post covers a wide spectrum of information regarding Amazon’s revolutionary e-reader, with everything from hacks to charitable causes represented.

  1. “Kindle Tips – Top 25 Kindle Hacks” at iReaderReview Blog: Owners of the original Kindle who enjoy tinkering will absolutely love reading about the various ways they can get their device working at its highest possible potential.
  2. A Million Free Google Books in ePub – For Kindle – Update” at A Kindle Word blog: As the title of the blog attests, A Kindle World comes chock full of great tips and tricks for the handy gadgets. This particular post discusses Google’s release of over a million public domain literary works and how to convert their formatting to fit the Kindle.
  3. “HOW TO: Publish Your Blog on the Amazon Kindle” at Mashable: Blog owners who want to allow readers the ability to track their posts in Kindle should check out this excellent posting on how to do it and whether or not it’s even worth the trouble.
  4. “Random Thoughts about the Kindle” at Seth Godin’s Blog: Highly regarded technology analyst and author Seth Godin weighs in on the pros and cons of his personal experiences with a Kindle and Amazon’s marketing strategies.
  5. “International Kindle FAQ” at Blog Kindle Unofficial: This posting provides a quick resource for the more common questions that crop up regarding Kindles purchased outside the United States. Be sure to peruse the rest of the Blog Kindle Unofficial as well!
  6. “Why I Only Buy Kindle Books” at Gizmodo: Kindle fanatics may find something quite relatable in Matt Buchanan’s explanation of why he loves the e-reader so much.
  7. “The Endgaget Interview: Tom Glynn, the voice of the Kindle 2” at Endgaget: The Kindle 2 introduced a text-to-speech feature courtesy of Nuance, with voiceover work provided by creative Renaissance man Tom Glynn. Fans of the literary gadget may enjoy hearing about his experiences and opinions regarding this unique point on his résumé.
  8. “Netbooks, smartbooks, smartphones – can’t we all just get along?” at Technology Blog: Guardian blogger and gadget enthusiast Jack Schofield may not be explicitly writing about Kindles, but those who feel a bit too attached to their e-reading devices can stand to learn a lesson in getting along with Nook and iPad fans.
  9. “Why Beatrix Potter Would Love the Kindle” at Me and My Kindle: A fun little blog post on how Peter Rabbit’s creator Beatrix Potter would have reacted to seeing her stunning watercolors rendered in a crisp digital format that deserves a bit of attention.
  10. “Why Did Amazon Launch the Kindle, and Which is More Important, the Chicken or the Egg?” at Kindle Nation Daily: Read or listen to a podcast transcription relating a talk between author Chris Anderson and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos regarding the Kindle’s origins.
  11. “iPad, Kindle as readable as print…almost” at Hardware: Kindle aficionados tired of combating peers’ criticisms regarding readability can take solace in the recent studies regarding its clarity. With e-reader technology moving ever forward, the digital versions will probably soon match their printed counterparts.
  12. “Hacking the Amazon Kindle DX, Part 1: Bluetooth Shell” at Not Nearly Enough Time: With a bit of dexterity and technical know-how, a Kindle can receive Bluetooth signals and serve as a viable wireless device.
  13. “Kindle trouble-shooting #1” at I Love My Kindle: Read over this amazingly comprehensive blog post for information on diagnosing and fixing some common technical issues.
  14. “Tablets Are On The Rise But Don’t Count Out E-Readers – Or Amazon” at paidContent

    Time will tell whether or not tablets or e-readers will ultimately prevail in the world of digital literature.

  15. “design and dasein: heidegger against the birkerts argument” at if:book: Steve Birkerts stirred up the proverbial hornet’s nest when he pooh-poohed e-readers in The Atlantic, and Dan Pipenbring at if:book responded to the criticism using Martin Heidegger’s teachings.
  16. “Would Students Even Want a Kindle for Textbooks?” at ReadWriteWeb: In 2009, Frederic Lardinois instigated a great conversation after blogging about whether or not Kindle’s interface would prove conducive to reading textbooks.
  17. “Kindle Skills – Back Up Your Kindle” at From the Desk of Mrs. Wizard – A Kindle Blog

    From the Desk of Mrs. Wizard offers up some useful tips and tricks on how to prevent losing personal files stored on the Kindle in the event of an unfortunate accident.

  18. “TKC Extra – Maintenance Episode” at The Kindle Chronicles: Both a podcast and a blog, The Kindle Chronicles offers up news and views regarding the e-reader – including one episode regarding how to keep it running smoothly.
  19. “Kindle 101: Help! My Kindle is Dead!” at The Kindle Reader: Newer Kindle users will certainly appreciate the helpful advice regarding basic fixes when the device appears dead.
  20. “Kindle Tricks” at Kindlerama: Proud owners of a Kindle 1 can use this excellent, quick guide to the different key functions and shortcuts on their e-reader device.
  21. “Octovo Kindle Light” at Kindle Boards…blog: When searching for a viable light to keep the Kindle readable at night, start by reading this useful review – complete with some great pictures of the accessory in question!
  22. “10 reasons to buy a Kindle…and 10 reasons not to” at CrunchGear: With nearly 400 comments, this blog post by John Biggs provides Kindle lovers and detractors alike with a forum to discuss the pros and cons of the revolutionary e-reader.
  23. “Kindle disassembly and internals” at Reversing Everything: Owners of a Kindle 1 with a passion for technology and a curiosity towards its inner workings will definitely enjoy this comprehensive dissection.
  24. “15 Things I Just Learned About the Amazon Kindle” at Boing Boing Gadgets: Newcomers to the Kindle scene who love their little gadgets but still desire to learn more about them will appreciate this quick overview of the capabilities that many owners seem to forget.
  25. “Using Your Kindle as a Personal Notepad” at EduKindle: The fabulous EduKindle Blog shares some simple tips about using the original Kindle as a quick, convenient notebook for readers on the go.
  26. “Losing Your Place in a Book” at Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips: Michael Gallagher helps Kindle owners figure out how to keep their place while reading an e-book – a great little tip for new fans.
  27. “Kindle vs. Hardcover..And The Winner Is…” at KindleObsessed: Every e-reader enthusiast will rejoice at the news that Amazon now sells more e-books than it does hardcovers.
  28. “10 Kindle Cases You Can Build For Free” at KindleCases.net: Kindle lovers who enjoy DIY projects as well as reading definitely have plenty of creative options available to customize and protect their beloved machines.
  29. “How the Kindle Saves You Time (If Not Money)” at Lifehacker: Many Kindle (and other e-reader) owners must fend off questions and criticisms alike regarding their consumer decision. This great post summarizes why people love the device, allowing fellow fans to nod their heads in agreement and pick up future talking points.
  30. “Kindle DX Image Test” at Kindle Formatting: Ensure the highest possible level of functionality with a Kindle DX by executing an image test outlined by Joshua Tallent.
  31. “1001Books.com” at Craving Books: Discover one possible route towards filling up a Kindle without having to go through Amazon to do so.
  32. “12 Fun Facts about the Kindle Store” at Kindle Owners Blog: Read up on some neat tidbits of information regarding Amazon’s Kindle Store, including plenty of application recommendations!
  33. “How To Make Your Kindle Into an Automatic Instapaper” at Gadget Lab: Wired provides more technologically inclined Kindle aficionados with instructions on enabling Instapaper for bookmarking and making notations.
  34. “Super Mario Bros Running On The Amazon Kindle” at Übergizmo: Turn a Kindle into a handheld gaming device by using an open source code allowing the beloved, original Super Mario Bros. to play on it.
  35. “Using the Kindle for driving directions with Google Maps” at TeleRead: Kindle’s value to consumers extends well beyond allowing them to tote e-books with them wherever they go. It can also serve as a handy GPS device that works in tandem with Google Maps!
  36. “New studies show ereader owners read more books” at BookSprung: Research conducted by L.E.K., a consulting firm specializing in business inquiries, revealed that Kindle and other e-reader owners tend to indulge their literary sides more than those who prefer ingesting books in the traditional way.
  37. “Kindling a Revolution: E Ink’s Russ Wilcox on E-Paper, Amazon, and the Future of Publishing” at Xconomy | Boston: The Kindle owes its popularity to E Ink, which developed the “electronic paper” screen used to display literature as crisply as possible. Fans of the device who yearn to learn more about its history will likely enjoy Wade Roush’s interview with CEO Russ Wilcox.
  38. “Kindle Father’s Day Gifts for Your Kindle-Toting Dad” at eReader Chat: Despite the title, the Kindle accessories listed at eReader Chat are suitable for anyone who absolutely loves their sturdy Amazonian gadget.
  39. “Kindle 2 gets naked” at Crave: The Gadget Blog from CNET: Sneak a peek at the Kindle 2 stripped down if the idea of its intimate essentials seems particularly tantalizing.
  40. “Protect Your Kindle Screen” at E-Bookvine: Quick and to the point, this blog entry makes mention of the Kindle’s delicate screen and some of the products that help consumers keep it protected from harm.
  41. “Famous New York Hotel Offers Kindle During Your Stay” at Switched: Laura June’s short, sweet article discusses how New York’s Algonquin Hotel has carried its literary patronage into the digital age by offering guests a Kindle pre-loaded with a book of their choice upon check-in.
  42. “Jeff Bezos on Kindle Reader – 2007” at Kindle Review – Kindle 3 Review, iPad Review: Read over quotes and click on links to various interviews Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos conducted regarding the Kindle and its potential.
  43. “The Kindle’s Future” at eBook Readers: Explores whether the Kindle will die as other e-readers are introduced or if it will be reborn into something even greater than before.
  44. “Kindle, DRM & the case for an ebook Marketplace” at SlashGear: Chris Davies analyzes the Kindle DRM and discusses the ups and downs of the e-reader industry.
  45. “Free Books for your Kindle” at 43 Folders: Merlin Mann shares some of his favorite sites for loading up his beloved Kindle without having to shell out any clams. Pun very much intended. Har dee har.
  46. “Convert PDFs, other files for your Kindle” at The Download Blog from CNET: Seth Rosenblatt recommends the Auto Kindle eBook Converter for users who need to transition from one file format to another easily and efficiently.
  47. “Amazon Kindle DX is Rugged, Survives 30-inch Drop” at TechEBlog: The Kindle DX is the veritable Luke Cage of e-readers, and fans of the handly device will probably enjoy watching it flawlessly handle a drop test.
  48. “Why Amazon’s Kindle Will Eventually Win the e-Book Wars” at Gigaom: Gigaom’s Om Malik compares and contrasts the different e-readers on the market today, theorizing that the Kindle holds the greatest potential to become the undeniable industry leader.
  49. “Marware Eco-Vue Case Review” at pnosker.com: Read a review of the much sought after Kindle case. Have thoughts to share on the best case available?
  50. “Bringing Kindles into Developing Countries – Worldreader.org” at jkOnTheRun: Worldreader’s altruistic actions involve bringing e-readers to Ghana and other developing nations in order to help educate children and adults who face down horrific poverty and limited opportunities.

Even beyond these blog posts, numerous other writings exist to grant Kindle owners a broad perspective on their favorite e-reading gadget. More than a conduit for checking out e-books, Kindle has also proven itself as a valuable asset in a plethora of other areas, especially in the education field. Fans of Amazon’s gadget who want to learn as much as they can about using and understanding Kindle to the fullest potential certainly have plenty of reading material to help them along.

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