50 EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark

With more and more issues surrounding public schools and private schools being too expensive for many families, parents have turned to homeschooling. Once thought of as impossible, the internet is now making the goal of homeschooling more and more obtainable. In fact, with the growth and the development of technology, homeschooling and online universities are rapidly changing the face of education.

We were able to find 50 EdTech blogs every homeschooler should bookmark. Whether written by a teacher, parent, or both, they have loads of useful information on starting a homeschooling program, lesson plans, finding support, and much more.

EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark by a Teacher

  1. Heart of Wisdom Blog: Robin is a homeschooling mother with over 20 years of experience. She encourages homeschoolers to develop a relationship with God and make Bible the focus of the homeschool day. Categories on the blog range on everything from crafts to education to even nutrition. Popular entries include a Christian’s view of the World of Warcraft.
  2. Spiritbee: Blogging about homeschooling since 2005, Heather has turned her blog into a popular choice. Tips for how to do it, along with entries on daily life, are often featured. You can also get tidbits on photography, food, nature, and more.
  3. Guilt-Free Home Schooling: Carolyn Morrison is an eleven year veteran of homeschooling her two children from leaving public school in the elementary grades, through high school graduation, and onto college. GFHS is her attempt to offer help, comfort, and advice to those beginning and continuing homeschooling.
  4. Notes from a Homeschooling Mom: This blogger is an artist, freelance writer, and homeschooling mom. Topics range on everything from accreditation to whining students. Stats on homeschooling were a recent topic of discussion.
  5. By Sun and Candlelight: This blogger leads homeschooling for a family of five. Nature, faith, books, and more are also topics of conversation. Check out the Library Loans section for recommendations on books to include in your lesson plans.
  6. Mrs. Hannigan’s Home for Girls: Lisa Russell blogs on everything from childbirth to education. Loads of activities for homeschoolers with images to personalize her posts.
  7. Karen Edmisten: She makes no apologies for the staleness of her blog’s title. However, Karen does take the task of being a homeschooling mother far more seriously. Coffee and Catholicism also come up.
  8. Throwing Marshmallows: Stephanie is a liberal minded homeschooling mom who is trying to find a balance. Although her children pull her in two different directions, she chronicles how she keeps the peace. Useful tips on getting started in your own homeschool are helpful.
  9. Schola: L. is a secular classical homeschooler chronicling her Odyssean learning adventure via blog. Naming her blog after a term that blends work and education, she offers readings lists and curriculum plans by grade.

EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark by an Expert

  1. Here in the Bonny Glen: Melissa Wiley is an author of children’s books who also homeschools. Read about the best of both worlds in her blog. A recent blog entry was on a trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home.
  2. Books and Bairns: Mary Grace is a writer and homeschooling mom who asks the question “what could possibly go wrong?” Get the answer with a read. A recent post was on the practice of waiting.
  3. Eclectic Education: This blogger is a Christian, homeschooling mom, writer, designer, and scrapbooker. In addition to eclectic educational tips, she also writes about her two sons. Quick tips such as cheap homeschooling and curriculum are not to be missed.
  4. Camp Creek Blog: The Top Drawer of this blog includes must read entries such as “Should I Homeschool?” and “White Space.” There are also links to art lessons and other projects. Camping is also a topic of choice.
  5. Homeschooling: Beverly was the administrator of a large independent study program while simultaneously owning and operating a homeschool bookstore. She has taught her own children from preschool to high school. Must reads of the blog include homeschooling basics by state and grading by goals.
  6. Trivium Academy: Jessica’s profession is banking when she isn’t homeschooling. Choose to read about topics such as art, foreign languages, science, and more. She has recently gone back to work and writes about how it affects her job as a homeschooler.

EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark by a Group

  1. Homeschool Buzz: The latest news in technology and education for homeschoolers is listed here. Buzz, reviews, and book recommendations are all sections of the blog. With several posts a day, make time to read their posts.
  2. Dewey’s Treehouse: Mama Squirrel and Mr. Fixit are the bloggers behind this homeschooling family. From Canada, they discuss all aspects of life, including home education. Inspirations are often the topic of posts.
  3. Why Homeschool?: Three experts weigh in on why homeschooling can be a better option for children and families than a traditional setting. General issues, educational thoughts, family, and random topics are shared. Be sure not to miss the Intro to Homeschooling.
  4. Suite 101 Homeschooling: Writers from across the web stop here to post information on homeschooling. Related topics include graduation, regulations, homework help, and more. One of the latest posts was on developing a homeschooling support group.
  5. The Common Room: A retired Air Force and homeschooling family blogs here. The focus of the blog is education, cooking, crafting, politics, literature, leadership, and other topics. Links to items of interest are also shared.
  6. Love 2 Learn: A group of Catholic homeschoolers are the writers behind this blog. Books, children, education, family life, and faith are all discussed. The Picture Book of the Week was the subject of a recent entry.
  7. Homeschool Family: Visit here to get tips, materials, curriculum, and experiences from one family to another. Sherri leads up the blog and is teacher and mother to three children. Daily life is also discussed.
  8. Homeschool Hangout Zone: Go outside the textbook with the help of this blog. Sections are divided into math, science, history, English, and social studies. A recent entry was on why lips are red.
  9. Radio Free School: This blog is a space for people who eschew factory learning in favor of unschooling, open source learning, community based, and learning without school. A weekly show is by, for, and about homeschooling. Over 200 shows are sure to fill hours.
  10. The Homeschool Cafe: Three homeschooling mothers come here to blog. Political issues, education, and general discussion are shared. Links to items of interest are also included.

EdTech Community Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark

  1. HomeschoolBlogger: Click here to get over 20,000 blogs on homeschooling. They feature popular bloggers, top groups, and much more. They even have a section where homeschoolers can get free classes.
  2. The Homeschool Lounge: Meet other moms who homeschool on this community. Barbara Frank also includes expert blog entries on the topic. There are currently over 13,000 members.
  3. Café Mom: Meet all sorts of other mothers on this massive online social network. There are many of homeschooling moms, along with the more traditional. Everything from conceiving to college are topics of discussion.
  4. Homeschool.com: A huge curriculum awaits visitors on this page. Items for those new to homeschooling, as well as for advanced teachers, are offered. Be sure not to miss the forum with more advice and questions from other homeschoolers.
  5. Parent Community Home: Parents who need help in homeschooling can visit here for tips and blogs. Time4Learning provides loads of products for homeschooling, as well as support. They also have forums for just about every problem imaginable.
  6. Homeschool Christian: If Christianity blends with your homeschooling, this is the online community for you. Message boards contain thousands of posts on topics from advice to healthy living.
  7. Homeschool Meetup: This site allows people from all over the world to connect who have mutual interests. With a special section for homeschoolers, you can find a meet up group in your area. Simply click on one to learn more.
  8. Homeschool Support Groups: Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Then visit here to find homeschool support groups by state. They also list international organizations.

EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark by a Site

  1. Heart of the Matter: Enrichment on this site includes homeschooling methods, projects, and support. A recent entry was on 3D presentation ideas. You can also find sections on family, friends, and more.
  2. Crosswalk: A popular site, they also have a special section for homeschooling. Choose from how to start to resources and even the option to connect with other homeschoolers. Current entries are on topics such as studying history and five lessons for the parents of college bound children.
  3. Home School Heartbeat: This blog is sponsored by the Home School Legal Defense Action. Interviews with experts are often the topic of entries. Goal setting and achieving was the topic of the latest.
  4. News and Commentary: Visit here to get a blog from “Home Ed” magazine. Several writers drop in to post on the topic. You can also get sections on resources, editorials, and support groups.
  5. Just Enough and Nothing More: Education and parenting collide in a helpful way here. Homeschool Makeover is just one of the many reasons to visit. Technology minded entries and plenty of helpful articles are also found here.
  6. On the Company Porch: Click to get the official blog from “The Old Schoolhouse” magazine. You can also find links to contests and giveaways. Recent posts are on high school homeschooling and children playing.
  7. Just for Families: Christianity.com is a leading site among the faith. Homeschoolers, parents, and children can come here to get resources such as Bible stories for kids and items just for parents. There are also quizzes, games, and other fun activities.
  8. Homeschool Family: Lifeway helps homeschoolers with entries such as encouragement and more on the homeschool community. They can also help with Sunday school, events, ministry, and more. Be sure not to miss the “Ten Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way” entry.
  9. The Homeschool Channel: Get a video blog for homeschooling here. You can also submit your own homeschooling lessons. “Answers in Genesis” is the topic of a recent post.

EdTech Specialized Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark

  1. Spunky Homeschool: This mom gets top spots for being parent and homeschooler to six children. With the blog doubling as vacation time, the summer has been full of educational ramblings. Best of the Blog include extreme parenting and outsourcing.
  2. Paper Bridges: Monica is a homeschooling mother of four children age five to twelve. Her blog is dedicated to the importance of reading with a list of recommended books.
  3. Homeschool Math Blog: Maria Miller shares math teaching ideas, links, reviews, and more to help teach kids. Her goal is to help homeschooling mothers help students learn the subject. Quick lessons are often featured in posts.
  4. Christian History Blog: Several experts from Christianity Today gather here to write on history with a faith-based perspective. Stop by to teach yourself or your homeschooler more about history. A recent entry was on the history of the Annunciation.
  5. The History of the (Whole) World: Susan charts her progress in writing, revising, sending to the editor, and doing the entire thing again to chronicle the history of the world. A good stop to see the inside world of editing, along with history.
  6. Learning Vocabulary Can be Fun: Increase your homeschooler’s vocabulary with a visit to this blog. Games, lessons, and more are featured. One of the latest posts was on building vocabulary in context.
  7. Homeschool Entrepreneur: Run a business while running a school with the help of this blog. Teaching the business side of homeschooling is an important topic with posts on games to teach entrepreneurship and money lessons for children. You can also get help with freebies, growing wealth, and teaching.
  8. Homeschool2College: If your homeschooler is leaving the nest for college, this is the blog for you. Linda Weaver recounts her adventures of homeschooling their two girls until they went to college. Although the journey ended in 2007, archives dating back for years show you what to expect.

No matter what the age of your child or their educational needs, these 50 EdTech blogs for homeschoolers can give you loads of help on when, why, and how to homeschool.

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