Blogging For a Cause: 50 Best Blogs for Animal Activists

Most college students identify with at least one “cause” during their time at school. Even if you choose to pursue your education online rather than in a traditional setting, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an impact on society. These 50 blogs are good examples of the fact that blogging for a cause can really make a difference. Animal rights activists congregate at these and other websites to learn about the latest animal rights news and how to act on it. Here are 50 of the best blogs for animal activists:

General Animal Activist Blogs

These blogs focus on exposing the many violations of animal rights that go on each day around the world, as well as discussing ways that people can unite for greater animal rights.

  1. Striking at the Roots – Mark Hawthorne raises awareness to animal cruelty and comments on issues of interest to animal activists.
  2. The PETA Files – PETA’s blog comments on issues of animal cruelty in association with Hollywood and the entertainment industry, especially concerning fashion.
  3. Animal Ethics – Keith Burgess-Jackson discusses the ethics of how animals are treated in order to produce food for human consumption and the philosophy of the level of animal consciousness.
  4. Animal Law Blog – The blog discusses legislature in regard to animal rights, focusing on the state of Illinois.
  5. Animal Blog – In this blog, the writer comments on stories of animal cruelty in the media.
  6. Hounded, Cowed & Badgered – Hounded, Cowed and Badgered is a general blog about animal cruelty, with an emphasis on law and legislation that protects animal rights.
  7. The Animal Defense Fund Blog – The Animal Defense Fund blog comments on animal stories in the media and informs readers how they can help animals in need.
  8. Farms of Shame – The brave author of this blog exposes the cruelty that exists at various puppy farms throughout America.
  9. Animal Writes  -As PETA is a must-follow group when it comes to animal activism, you should read the UK PETA blog also.
  10. Stop Animal Abuse – This blog features news and articles about animal rights violations around the world.
  11. Animals Need Help – This blog exposes disgusting acts of animal cruelty in the hopes that it may be prevented in the future.
  12. Doris’ Animal Rights Blog – This interesting blog by an animal rights attorney focuses on the law as it pertains to animal rights.
  13. Pictures of Cats Org Blog – This harrowing website features photos of abused animals, including cats, dogs, and monkeys. Not for the squeamish.
  14. The Rational Hunter – This blog discusses man’s role in animal conservation and controlling animal populations.
  15. Our Hen House – This excellent blog publishes both timely articles and podcasts providing commentary on animal rights-related topics.
  16. Cats and Cows – An animal rights activist in Austin, Texas writes this carefully thought-out, eloquent animal rights blog.
  17. Invisible Voices – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an abused animal? This blog attempts to answer that question.
  18. Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary – On this blog, you can read the stories of animals who have been rescued and given a second chance at life in a sanctuary.
  19. Critter News – Continuously updated since 2007, this blog covers the latest in animal rights news in the U.S. and around the world.
  20. IFAW’s Animal Rescue Blog – This blog covers various animal rescues, including photos and comments on animal welfare topics in the media.

Blogs About Maltreatment and Rescue of Pets

When the animals being violated are cute, cuddly dogs and cats, and even when they aren’t cute, it infuriates animal lovers. If you’re passionate about pets, make sure to visit these blogs.

  1. 4 The Love of Animals – Learn how to properly care for pets and discuss conservation topics on this blog.
  2. Living the Greyt Life – Jen Krebs blogs about greyhound dogs. Read about the cruelty and mistreatment that racing greyhounds are subjected to.
  3. Rescue Me – Dogs awaiting adoption find a virtual “home” on this weblog.
  4. Tails from the Animal Shelter – A real worker in an animal shelter blogs about her experiences working with neglected and abandoned animals.
  5. For the Love of the Dog – This blog by two dog experts promotes the proper care and treatment of dogs.
  6. Dogfighting–They Call it a Sport – Graphic pictures, video and poetry make a case against the practice of dogfighting on this blog.
  7. KC Dog Blog – Anyone who cares about the welfare of animals, especially people in the Kansas City area, will find this blog interesting.
  8. Pit bulls–The BS of BSL – This pro-pit bull blog decries the injustice of “breed specific legislation” targeting pit bulls.
  9. The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood – This blog discusses different aspects of taking care of pets properly, including how to maintain pet health and what kind of pet might be suitable for you.
  10. Pet Connection – On this blog, various contributors write about pet-related topics and proper treatment of animals.
  11. Bad Rap Blog – The writers of this blog are advocates for “stigmatized” dogs such as bulldogs and pit bulls. Learn why these animals aren’t inherently bad.
  12. Living Naturally with Pets – People who are interested in natural home remedies and natural pet care will find this blog interesting.

Wild Animal Rights

These are just a few of the many blogs that showcase humans’ efforts to preserve our wild animal resources.

  1. Birdbrain Blog – Parrots are a commonly smuggled, poached, and illegally bred to meet consumer demand. Learn more about these beautiful birds on this blog about everything parrot-related.
  2. Greenpeace Blog – Greenpeace is one of the major world players in fighting the whaling industry, and their blog highlights their continuing efforts.
  3. Helping Our Planet’s Endangered Species – This blog highlights animal activism in its purest form: a 14-year-old-girl raises money for Siberian tigers in the wilderness by auctioning off drawings.
  4. Eye of the Dolphin – Eye of the Dolphin blogs about the dangers to the dolphins and ways that we can protect their habitats.
  5. Amphibian Ark – The Amphibian Ark promotes management of amphibians in captivity to boost populations of endangered species throughout the world.
  6. The Endangered Species Act Law Blog – The Endangered Species Act Law Blog is Keith Rizzardi’s blog about endangered species law in the United States.
  7. The animal blog – This beautiful photo blog will remind you about the beauty and the fragility of the animals that we must be mindful of.
  8. Tropical Rainforest Animals – The animals of the Amazon rainforest are among the most endangered in the world. Learn about these beautiful creatures here.

Animal Rights From a Vegan Perspective

Vegans believe in living a completely animal-product-free lifestyle, from not wearing leather shoes to not drinking milk or eating eggs. Here are some good vegan blogs:

  1. Animal Writings – Animal Writings is an interesting general blog about animals with an emphasis on Vegan lifestyle.
  2. Vegetarian Food for Thought – Colleen Patrick-Goudreau blogs about her life with an emphasis on animals and her vegetarian lifestyle.
  3. The Joyful Vegan – This is a must-read resource about how to be a vegan. Learn how the vegan lifestyle protects animals.
  4. The Veg Blog – The Veg Blog is for anybody who lives the vegan lifestyle or who might be interested in living a vegan lifestyle. It provides helpful strategies for living vegan and also discusses the ethics of animal treatment.

On The Lighter Side

Reading about abused animals and seeing graphic photos can be too much for the devoted animal lover, so enjoy these blogs that explore the lighter side of loving animals.

  1. Animal Inventory Blog – The blog focuses on animals in pop culture such as books, movies, and music videos.
  2. Animal Person – Dr. Mary Martin discusses animal issues as they relate to human-animal relationships, such as food and social relationships.
  3. Critter Blog – A heartwarming blog that features “feel-good” animal interest stories as well as videos about animals.
  4. Paw Talk – This blog offers a range of animal topics from animal rights and rescue to the proper way to care for your pets.
  5. The Lowdown on Rabbit Hutches – Rabbits are pets that often are mistreated. This blog discusses how to buy the right animal hutch that a pet rabbit needs to be healthy.
  6. Joyful Curmudgeon – Read musings and poetry regarding all creatures on this thoughtfully written blog.
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