Career and Salary Prospects with an Online Degree

After graduating from college, another life changing step awaits … starting a career. This is no easy task given the current state of our economy. Now more than ever, students must carefully consider which jobs are in demand and whether a career in that field will support their lifestyle. Online colleges recognize this need for programs that lead to gainful employment and offer students career-focused education which will result in real-world jobs. A significant benefit to taking classes remotely is that students can keep working full-time while studying to earn a degree in the field they truly desire. What’s more, employers respect the valuable education provided by an online degree? Distance learning is more than just taking a class from home; it is a gateway to career advancement. Our list of professions and salary prospects for e-learners proves the effectiveness and profitability of an online education. Online degree holders are satisfying the growing need for skilled professionals in many fields.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, 2010-2011 provides ample research that explains which degrees provide the best employment opportunities. Reported statistics on the career and salary prospects outlined below, clearly identify the market values of your specific educational skills and background. Our salary charts for each field of study depicts the mean annual wages for each occupation in 2010. These statistics are official average compensation figures that we’ve summarized graphically for easy review. If you’re considering a business major or a career in engineering, knowing the job outlook and projected earnings will help you make informed decisions about your future. Moreover, the handbook also provides useful information on the following:

  • the training and education needed
  • earnings
  • expected job prospects
  • job descriptions
  • related occupations
  • working conditions

It’s important to note that job and salary prospects for online degrees versus traditional degrees might vary slightly. While online diplomas are equal to traditional ones, the accreditation status of a school can affect your opportunities. Once you’ve narrowed your list to several online colleges, verify each school’s accreditation and reputation.

Business Degrees

A degree in business opens doors to a wide variety of career opportunities. From accounting to leadership, online business programs offer industry-specific training that attracts employers. Some colleges offer more than 10 different concentrations from which students may choose. Whether you’re interested in healthcare management or accounting, the demand for business-minded professionals is increasing. With attractive salary opportunity, it is no surprise that more business degrees are earned than any other degree. For example, The National Center for Education Statistics reported that 348,000 bachelor degrees in business were awarded in 2008-2009. The salary potential for business degree holders is most favorable. A wide range of online programs introduces students to the worlds of enterprise, business development, and management.



Computer Science Degrees

Computer science degrees are highly sought after by students today. Advancing technology has replaced yesterday’s old gray terminals with newer, sophisticated systems. The operation of these new systems require individuals with high-level technical skills. These types of skills and degrees are accessible to more students today since they no longer need hours of tedious code writing and system processing. New and exciting doors are opening for computer scientists in the fields of software engineering, gaming, artificial intelligence, and much more. Job opportunities for computer wizards are expected to increase faster than in any other field. This list of potential careers illustrates the range of profitable opportunities available for computer science majors.

  • Computer Programmer: $71,380
  • Computer Scientist: $100,660
  • Computer Systems Analyst: $77,740
  • Database Administrator: $73,490
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator: $69,160
  • Operations Research Analyst: $70,960


Education Degrees

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that positions in teaching, school administration, and other education related careers are likely to surge in the coming years. Retirement numbers are expected to spike so education majors will be well positioned for the anticipated surplus of job openings. Many online colleges offer degree programs to train future teachers and principals for successful and rewarding careers in education. Jobs within the education field vary significantly. Opportunities may range from teaching in an elementary classroom to working in the administrative offices. Education degree holders are also often presented with offers to work throughout the country and abroad.


Engineering Degrees

Engineering is no longer a narrowly defined career path. This profession has evolved into a multi-dimensional field with many areas of specialty. Students now have a seemingly endless catalog of engineering jobs from which to choose. Moreover, engineers consistently rank high on job satisfaction, salary, and growth opportunities. With strong potential for a fulfilling and prosperous career, engineering majors can expect to earn above average wages. Engineering degrees from online schools are available from the associate level, all the way up to a doctorate. Once the degree is earned, students have the tools they need to distinguish themselves and succeed in today’s competitive market.


Health and Medical Science Degrees

Healthcare jobs are growing fast and graduates with degrees in the sciences have a number of interesting career options. Nursing, physical therapy, and physician assisting are just a few of the profitable occupations within the industry. The demand for healthcare professionals has increased significantly due to advancements in medical technology and research. Online colleges offer numerous healthcare and nursing degree programs that will prepare students for success and provide real job security. The healthcare industry offers many interesting career paths. Students with online degrees in business, science, or even engineering have promising futures in this field.



Choosing a career path that meets your skills, talents, and interests requires research and self-introspection. An education from an online college will help guide you in the right direction. With hundreds of degree programs to consider, opportunities are limitless. Begin your search by utilizing our comprehensive directory of online schools and degree programs to find the best courses and schools for you.