DIY Electric Cars: 40 Top Blogs for Learning about the Electric Car Conversion Movement

The idea that anyone can follow some simple directions and change his or her car into an electric car is somewhat misleading. Not every car is suited for conversion to an electric motor, and not every person has driving habits that can be supported by an electric car. For example, if you drive more than 25 miles each way to work, you probably should not build your own electric car.

That being said, we have looked all over the Internet to find the top 40 blogs that will help you learn more about the electric car conversion movement. These blogs have all the information you’ll need if you decide to “take the plunge” and go electric, and you should definitely give them all a close look.

Individual Conversion Projects

These blogs all have something in common: they tell stories. Whether that story is of a Toyota Corolla conversion or a Honda Civic conversion, it will have mistakes and successes you can learn from.

  1. Civic Electric Car Conversion : Fascinating blog about one man’s journey in converting his 1996 Honda Civic to a completely electric car.
  2. Electric Car Conversion Blog : Gavin Shoebridge is a New Zealand blogger who writes about his passion, electric vehicles. The blog contains the latest news and developments in the field, as well as links to Shoebridge’s own personal plans for a DIY electric car conversion.
  3. KiwiEV : Read about Shoebridge’s conversion of a 1987 Mitsubishi Tredia into a functioning electric car. Excellent pictures and video are included.
  4. ElectroJeep : Ross Cunniff blogs about the process of converting his 1986 Jeep Cherokee into an electric car. There are many excellent photos here, as well as clear, detailed instructions on how to complete each step.
  5. No Gas, 96 Volts : Robert Weekley is a Canadian aircraft assembler by day and an EV enthusiast by night. His 1989 Pontiac Firefly conversion is documented on this blog.
  6. Information Technology News : This blog contains information about how to convert a Starion (Australian brand) car to electricity.
  7. Instructables: Dodge Neon Conversion : Instructables is more of a collection of great DIY advice than a blog, but you can learn some awesome things about creating your own electric car here. This article is about converting a Dodge Neon.
  8. Karmann Eclectric : Jay Donnaway’s blog about his conversion of a vintage Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is entertaining as well as informative.
  9. Electric Echo Blog : Australian blogger Shaun Williams presents a pictorial journal as well his thoughts on the electric car industry. He converted his Toyota Echo into an electric car.
  10. Luscious Garage Blog : Luscious Garage is a California company owned by Carolyn Coquillette that specializes in converting Toyota Priuses to plug-in hybrids. This is her company blog.
  11. Electricnick, The EV Revolution : Nick Zart leads a team of bloggers dedicated to providing news and opinions on the electric car movement. They spotlight unusual conversion projects, such as a Mazda Miata conversion.

Electric Car Conversion General Tips

  1. EV World : EV World has been a central destination for electric car enthusiasts since 1998. This site has an “introduction to electric car conversion” that you should definitely check out.
  2. DIY Electric Car Conversion Blog : Will, a blogger located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, writes this informative blog on converting your car to electricity. In addition, he provides other useful tips on sustainable energy from the home.
  3. EVConvert : This helpful, detailed blog has been providing information about converting cars to electricity since 1995. Sections of the site include “Your First EV,” a guide to converting your first car to electricity.
  4. : Written in a community blog format, this website is packed with the information you need to make an educated and successful switch to an electric vehicle.
  5. Electric Cars Are For Girls : Lynne Mason answers questions about electric car conversions on her informative and well-written blog.
  6. Electric Car Conversion Kits : This blog has many reviews of electric car conversion kits, as well as opinions on the benefits of electric cars. See the video of Tom Hanks.
  7. Cenodreata Car News Blog : In this blog article by Dana Goldberg, you’ll find solid advice for would-be electric car converters. How far is your commute? Is your car compatible?
  8. Seattle Electric Vehicle Association : The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association provides interesting and useful information about the way cars can be converted to electric models, as well as typical costs associated with the project.
  9. : presents this thoughtful article about seven major issues that everyone considering electric car conversion will have to face. Surprisingly, their panel of experts warns against using so-called “conversion kits,” saying that things get left out and the components are cheaper to buy separately.

Electric Car Conversion News And Trends

  1. EV World: Bill Moore’s Blog : Bill Moore, founder of EV World, writes this thoughtful blog about developments and history in the electric vehicle industry. Electric car conversion is just one of his topics.
  2. Visionale : Visionale is an automotive-related blog site that has some valuable information on the electric car conversion movement.
  3. Ecopolitology : Ecopolitology covers political aspects of environmental issues. In this video, President Bill Clinton advocates for more electric car conversions.
  4. EVFinder Blog : Noel Adams has been writing for and maintaining since the mid 1990s, after having difficulty finding information on electric cars. He combines opinions on sustainability with news about electric vehicles.
  5. EV Conversion Companies on : The always reliable alternative fuels blog on provides several helpful links and descriptions of companies that perform conversion to electric vehicles. You can even get a Porsche converted!
  6. Autoblog Green : Autoblog Green covers all the latest news and events in the world of electric vehicles. They examine electric car trends as well as issues related to alternative fuels.
  7. Ecomoto : Ecomoto is a website published by TrendHunter . Devoted to publishing all the latest trends in eco-conscious vehicles, they give hybrid and electric car news a lot of attention.
  8. Green Car Congress : Get auto industry news about electric car conversion and other electric vehicles. Also learn about alternative fuel trends here.
  9. In The Driver’s Seat : In The Driver’s Seat is the official blog for a group called “Plug In America.” PIA is a group that is committed to promotion of electric cars and the technology needed to make them truly successful.
  10. NYT: Wheels : The New York Times blogs about cars in its Wheels blog, including topics related to electric cars and the electric car conversion movement.
  11. Wired: Autopia : Autopia is the automotive blog of Wired, a leading tech magazine. Learn about all the newest developments in the world of electric vehicles here, as well as trends in do-it-yourself conversions.
  12. Ecomodder : Ecomodder is a community for people who want to squeeze as much gas mileage as humanly possible out of their cars. One of the ways they do this is by converting their gas-powered cars to run with an electric motor.
  13. Electric Vehicle Discussion List : It’s not actually a blog, but the Electric Vehicle Discussion List is an important destination for electric car conversion enthusiasts. In fact, anyone wanting to get the “pulse” of this burgeoning movement might as well start here.
  14. DIY Electric Car : Written by a whole community of contributors, DIY Electric Car is a rich source of information for the electric car conversion enthusiast. Visit the FAQs before you post new questions in the forum. Chances are, someone has answered it!
  15. EV Capri : Kearon de Clouet has written this excellent blog about his conversion of a Mercury Capri convertible. Clear, close-up photos of the process as well as video are included on his site.
  16. Project ForkenSwift : Two friends discover a cheap way to turn an old forklift, a Suzuki Swift carcass, and a Geo Metro into a functional electric car, for a net cost of under $1000 CDN. They detail the project on the Project ForkenSwift blog.
  17. Aminorjourney : This is the blog of Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, an electric-vehicle-loving Brit who hosts two weekly electric vehicle podcasts, as well as a vlog called “Nikki Drives.” She posts news of note about commercial electric vehicles as well as her favorite links and other sites about electric car conversions.
  18. Viking M. Services : At the Viking M. Services blog, you’ll find all kinds of information about renewable energy and electric car conversions.
  19. V is for Voltage : V is for Voltage is a popular forum for electric car conversion enthusiasts. Check out the interesting links to member websites and photos.

Whether you’re ready to convert your own car to run on electricity, or whether you’re just fascinated with the idea, you’re sure to have some new ideas now that you’ve seen these terrific blogs. Make sure you start your own blog to show off your project to the world!

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