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Many traditional colleges and universities have adopted distance learning options and programs into their offerings, and this has helped many more students in Iowa reach their academic potentials and goals. Busy students can easily enroll in classes online and attend virtual lectures and complete assignments or exams all via the Internet! As for the face-to-face aspect of learning, Iowa campuses often use technology like Blackboard and video lectures to deliver instruction and engage with students.

Online Education in Iowa

Iowa is home to over 50 public and private colleges that offer rigorous online classes. With the job market in the state getting more competitive and requiring higher credentials from employees, more students are turning to distance learning options to earn specialized degrees while keeping their current jobs and attending to other obligations. The flexible nature of online education makes learning possible for more Iowa students, regardless of their situations.

A report from shows that currently, working professionals in Iowa who hold at least a bachelor’s degree earn 60% more than those who only have a high school degree. This goes to show just how Iowa strongly values higher education and believes that it will enhance its citizens in the working world.

As for tuition and fees in Iowa, College Board indicates that the average in-state tuition and fees was $7,880, while the out-of-state average came out to $23,740 for public four-year colleges in the 2015-2016 academic year. While the rates are not excruciatingly high compared to those of other states, Iowa makes a generous effort to make education even more affordable for students. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the state awarded over $63 million in grants!

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Online Iowa colleges offer a plethora of flexible and convenient classes for students to take toward earning their degree. The online coursework generally covers the same topics and uses the same curriculum as the traditional on-campus classes, on the Internet with accelerated formats. Distance learning options have helped busy individuals pursue higher education while remaining committed to their work and personal obligations. We’ve examined the different schools in the state and evaluated them based on popularity and availability of online degree programs. Discover which Iowa colleges made it to the top in the list below!

With college tuition and fees on a steady rise, it’s only natural that students want to consider cheaper colleges that still offer just as competitive and rigorous classes. Why pay more for school than you have to? Iowa has a diverse variety of schools on the more affordable side that offer excellent degree programs online. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of Iowa’s colleges, ranked by their tuition rates.

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Best Online Colleges for 2016

Best Online Colleges in Iowa

Before committing to any college or online program, it’s crucial to check to make sure it is accredited. Accreditation is important to consider when researching colleges in Iowa because it ensures that schools meet or exceed standard academic criteria, and that you’re getting the best educational value in terms of time and money.

Browse through the list of accredited online schools in Iowa with our database of online programs. To keep things easy for you, we have designed it so that you can easily sort the results based on degree level, program preference, and specific location to find your perfect fit for your needs.

Accredited Online Colleges in Iowa

Explore accredited online colleges with our comprehensive database of online programs. Sort the results based on criteria like degree level, location, and program preference to find the schools that best meet your needs.


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