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Many students choose to study online in Michigan because the state offers a wide range of disciplines and degree levels through their postsecondary institutions. Online students can earn degrees ranging from the certificate to doctoral levels through the state’s community colleges, universities, and wholly online colleges. Michigan is also regarded for its generosity when it comes to financial aid. Higher education is a plausible reality for many more students in the state thanks to the government’s $4 billion in assistance since 1964.

Online Education in Michigan

Michigan is an avid supporter of higher education delivered via the web. As of 2013, Michigan enrolled over 185,000 students in its online programs and classes! Students in the state have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to schools and degree programs. The state is home to a total of 111 accredited community colleges, four-year institutions, and private universities. Many of Michigan’s brick-and-mortar schools have also adopted a distance learning program to allow students the convenience and flexibility of completing classes online as needed.

As for tuition in Michigan colleges, College Board indicates that the average in-state tuition and fees came out to $11,990, and the out-of-state average was $33,080 for public four-year institutions during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Not only is Michigan noted for stellar online colleges and education opportunities, it is also praised for awarding almost $100 million in grants for the 2013-2014 academic year to help lift many students’ financial burdens associated with college education. The state also has a variety of federal and state aid, as well as scholarships and grants available to students looking for ways to afford higher education.

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If you’re new to online learning, finding the right school can be exhausting and require extensive research. Luckily, Michigan is home to many excellent online colleges that provide the best programs for students to meet their educational goals. To ease your college search, we’ve examined the different schools in the state and evaluated them based on popularity and availability of online degree programs. See which Michigan colleges made it to the top in the list below!

College education, even online, can be extremely expensive. Keep in mind that students can still acquire a quality education at more affordable tuition rates in Michigan. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of Michigan’s colleges, ranked by their tuition rates.

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Best Online Colleges for 2016

Best Online Colleges in Michigan

Before making a final decision on a college, it’s important to make sure that the school and degree program you’re looking to pursue is accredited. Accreditation ensures that schools and programs meet or exceed standard academic criteria, and that you’re getting the best educational value in terms of time and money. Degrees from accredited colleges are highly regarded by employers upon graduation.

Browse through the list of accredited online schools in Michigan with our database of online programs. To keep things easy for you, we have designed it so that you can easily sort the results based on degree level, program preference, and specific location to find your perfect fit for your needs.

Accredited Online Colleges in Michigan

Explore accredited online colleges with our comprehensive database of online programs. Sort the results based on criteria like degree level, location, and program preference to find the schools that best meet your needs.


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