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New York has a multitude of choices when it come to online programs offered by community colleges and four-year public and private universities. Distance learners can take entire degree granting programs online, or just individual courses. There are 303 institutions in New York that award degrees, with over 100 postsecondary institutions in New York City alone. Many of the universities are competitively adding more and more online programs to attract distance learners.

Online Education in New York

The tuition fees for in-state students come out to around $7,640, and $19,310 for out-of-state students. New York has the second highest grant aid amount in the nation, with an amazing $947.6 million in need-based grants awarded and $30.4 million in non-need grants awarded.

Out of all the college students within New York, 6.1% are strictly in online programs. Just about half of those in online programs are living within New York, which means that the online programs in New York are incredibly appealing to out-of-state students.

There are two main associations to help online students in New York. First is the New York Distance Learning Association (NYDLA), which is a collaborative association helping students find which courses they can take, and if they can take courses from different institutions to count towards their singular degree. It also focuses on the professionals in online education as well, giving them many resources from blogs to podcasts as ways to digest the latest news in online education.

There is also the New York State Distance Learning Consortium (NYSDLC), which only serves students, helping them to obtain the courses they need for their chosen degree across all the participating educational institutions. The NYSDLC is a fantastic advocate for students in helping them to receive the credits they’ve earned for each course completed. It can be easy for credits to be lost when taking online courses from several different colleges, so the help of a knowledgeable advocate is extremely helpful.

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With New York having one of the biggest selections of online colleges to choose from, you’ll definitely want some help. It can be difficult to figure out which one will best suit your career goals. To help you find the best rated online college for your needs, we have put together a list of the highest rated online college programs available in New York below!

Many colleges in New York offer low tuition fees while offering a stellar education. Choosing an affordable college is a great choice if you’re trying to take select classes to complete a degree or classes to explore a new field, for example. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of New York’s colleges, ranked by their tuition rates.

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Best Online Colleges for 2016

Best Online Colleges in New York

Aside from being assured you’re receiving a quality education, you’ll also want to go with an accredited college if you think you’ll ever transfer to another college. An accredited college will not accept courses taken at a non-accredited college.

Browse through the list of accredited online colleges in New York with our database of online programs. Make use of our sorting features to find what is most important to you!

Accredited Online Colleges in New York

Explore accredited online colleges with our comprehensive database of online programs. Sort the results based on criteria like degree level, location, and program preference to find the schools that best meet your needs.


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  • New York Education Resources

    For students looking to pursue a college degree online at one of New York’s online colleges, the resources below offer helpful suggestions and insight worth looking into:

    New York State Distance Learning Consortium

    Gain access to an excellent directory of all the courses you can take at the participating online colleges. You’ll also find useful help here from those who can make sure you receive credit for the courses you complete.

    New York Distance Learning Association

    This resource primarily focuses on sharing news and ideas for those who teach courses or give seminars through online courses. You can read blogs and listen to podcasts on the latest happenings in the field of e-Learning.

    New England Board of Higher Education

    Here, you can learn about financial aid and other programs offered to member states. This site is also a good source for the latest news regarding online colleges in New York.

    NYC Deartment of Education

    Visit this website if you’re in high school or getting ready for college. Find useful college preparedness plans and discover the steps to take to help you transition into the demands of a college education

    New York State Education Department

    Find the latest news and financial aid offerings across the whole state of New York. There are also several useful resources listed here as well.