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North Dakota is a sparse state, which makes online colleges very appealing for students looking to pursue college degrees. There are 21 institutions that grant degrees, with new quality standards implemented to ensure the state’s education offers are staying competitive with other states. Especially with a growing population due to industry booms in the state, there has been an increasing need for quality online programs. Strides have been taken to unify the various postsecondary educational institutions, with a plan titled the North Dakota University System’s Pathways to Student Success Plan. This plan will allow for greater collaboration between the colleges and institutions, more affordable tuition rates, and higher standards of quality.

Online Education in North Dakota

Tuition fees for North Dakota residents comes out to $7,960 and $18,580 for out-of-state students. State funding for college education has seen a steady increase from 2008 to 2014, with a cumulative increase of nearly 40%. There was even an increase in state spending per student of 20% in 2014-2015. North Dakota has had the highest increase for both areas, making it a good prospective state to consider doing an online program through.

As mentioned earlier, the North Dakota Pathways to Student Success Plan has been designed to significantly improve the North Dakota University System over a five-year period. One of the main talking points is expanding access to online college programs. There is an attraction to out-of-state students enrolling in an online program in North Dakota, as seen by the fact that only 67% of online students were living within the state. Also, even though North Dakota has a low number of colleges, they still have over 1000 courses, 41 bachelor degree programs, and 38 graduate degree programs. Therefore, there is a high chance that North Dakota has a program for your chosen field of specialty!

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With only a dozen or two colleges to choose from in North Dakota, there are still over a 1000 courses to pick from! With so many choices and different paths to take, how can an individual choose which college to pursue? To help you find the best rated online college for your needs, we have put together a list of the highest rated online college programs available in North Dakota below!

Some colleges have great programs with low tuition fees. Choosing a low cost college is also a great way learn if you’re truly interested in a subject before investing thousands of dollars more into it. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of North Dakota’s colleges, ranked by their tuition rates.

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Best Online Colleges in North Dakota

In addition to ranking and cost, accreditation is another important aspect to consider when researching colleges. Accredited colleges ensure that you’re receiving an education that meets certain standards and criteria. If you’re looking to transfer between colleges, it’ll be a lot easier to transfer completed course credits between accredited schools.

Browse through the list of accredited online colleges in North Dakota with our database of online programs. Make use of our sorting features to find what is most important to you!

Accredited Online Colleges in North Dakota

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  • North Dakota Education Resources

    For students looking to pursue a college degree online at one of North Dakota’s online colleges, the resources below offer helpful suggestions and insight worth looking into:

    Western Interstate Commission For Higher Education

    This commission consists of 16 member states which work together to expand educational access to all the citizens of the member states. North Dakota is one of those member states, which means residents can benefit from their resources. Come here for financial aid and course information, and new educational opportunities.

    University of North Dakota – Pathways to Student Success Letter

    Read more on North Dakota’s initiative to improve the quality of their educational standards. You’ll also learn of any revisions that have taken place on the plan.

    North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

    This site compiles articles in regards to education in North Dakota. A great resource to learn of any changing trends in regards to the state’s educational plans.

    The Bismark Tribune

    A local newspaper in the state’s capital, this page compiles the latest news on affairs regarding education. Checking local news sources is sometimes the fastest, and most informative way, to gather info and awareness of new online college programs and policies.

    North Dakota State University Digital Collections

    A great resource of collections from historical societies, libraries, and museums, this site is very helpful for your educational pursuits if you choose to enroll in a program in North Dakota.