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It has been projected that about 70% of all jobs in the state will require a postsecondary degree by the year 2020 in Oklahoma. In light of this, the state has a goal to increase the number of degrees and certificates awarded by an average of 1,700 per year, up through 2023. One of the state’s main methods to reach this goal is through online colleges, to make obtaining a degree much more flexible to fit into the busy schedule of students and workers. There are 66 degree granting educational institutions in the state, with most offering online courses. Now, more than ever before, is a capable time to obtain a degree through online programs!

Online Education in Oklahoma

At least 10% of all college students in Oklahoma are enrolled in fully online programs. To support this growing number of distance learners, there have been a few key organizations formed. First, is the Oklahoma Distance Learning Alliance, which is a membership-based collection of online instructors in the state, for all levels of education. This alliance works together to improve the quality of online education, by sharing their resources and expertise.

Ohio’s state campaign, Reach Higher, is designed to help students complete their degree. This campaign pushes online courses to these students to make it easier to finish their degree. This is especially helpful for working professionals who get bogged down by their work schedule and other responsibilities. In addition to Reach Higher, Ohio has the GPNet service, which is a consortium of universities in the Midwest. Students can achieve their academic goals by inching closer and closer to a degree by taking just one course at a time. This is ideal for high school students looking to get a head start at the end of their academic year.

On top of these helpful initiatives, Oklahoma is also a member of the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus. This allows students to take courses in other states while still only paying in-state tuition fees.

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Oklahoma is home to many great online colleges, making it a challenge to find the perfect program for your academic and career goals, especially if you are new to online education. To help you find the best online college for your needs, we have put together a list of the highest rated online college programs available in Oklahoma below.

Worried about not being able to afford a quality education? Contrary to popular belief, quality education can be available to students at low costs. Choosing an affordable school is a great way learn if you’re truly interested in a subject before investing thousands of dollars more into it. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of Oklahoma’s colleges, ranked by their tuition rates.

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Best Online Colleges for 2016

Best Online Colleges in Oklahoma

Ranking and cost are both important factors to consider when researching colleges, but before finalizing your decision, don’t forget to make sure that the colleges on your list are accredited. Accreditation is crucial because it ensures that you’re receiving an education that meets certain academic standards and criteria. If you’re looking to transfer colleges, accreditation will make it much easier for you to pick up where you left off.

Browse through the list of accredited online colleges in Oklahoma with our database of online programs. Make use of our sorting features to find what is most important to you!

Accredited Online Colleges in Oklahoma

Explore accredited online colleges with our comprehensive database of online programs. Sort the results based on criteria like degree level, location, and program preference to find the schools that best meet your needs.


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  • Oklahoma Education Resources

    For students looking to pursue a college degree online at one of Oklahoma’ online colleges, the resources below offer helpful suggestions and insight worth looking into:

    Oklahoma State Regents For Higher Education

    This is the official site of the State Regents which creates the academic standards of higher education and manages scholarships. Therefore, it is of benefit to visit this site to be aware of new financial aid offerings and changes in online college standards.

    Great Plains Network

    The purpose of this network is to develop and maintain a high-performance network for the member states’ research communities. Visiting this site from time to time will help you be aware of the latest happenings with online course delivery, and when new methods are forthcoming.

    Reach Higher

    Oklahoma’s degree completion program is especially for working professionals who have not been able to find the time or resources to finish their degree.

    Southern Regional Education Board

    This board provides tuition saving programs and initiatives for its member states in specific fields. Check out this site to see if your chosen field of study falls within one of the qualifying programs. If it does, then you can pay in-state tuition for out-of-state online courses.