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With technology improvements on the steady rise, online learning has become a popular means for busy students across the nation to earn their college degrees. Utah specifically, has been following the growing trend by incorporating online classes into many existing degree programs. These classes are of the same quality and rigor as their on-campus equivalents, and are taught by experienced professors just like in the traditional classroom setting. The benefit to online classes is it allows students to add school into their schedule without neglecting their work, family, and personal obligations. Those who live in remote areas also benefit from online classes as they can take them from virtually anywhere with reliable Internet!

Online Education in Utah

Utah offers a robust collection of online degree programs for students at all levels. Students wishing to earn their degree online in the state can enroll in any of Utah’s 20 institutions, 15 of which are public and offer online courses wholly online, or in hybrid formats to suit each students’ needs and learning preferences. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that Utah colleges awarded over 28,000 bachelor’s degrees in the 2012-2013 academic year.

As for tuition, College Board indicates that the average in-state tuition and fees amounted to $6,360 for public four-year colleges, while the out-of-state average came out to $19,330 in the 2015-2016 academic year. Even though tuition is already pretty affordable in Utah, the state dedicates generous financial aid efforts to help students save money while getting a quality education. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the National Association of State Student Grant & Aid Programs indicates that the state gave out a total of $10.22 million in grants, making up 1.3% of the state’s total fiscal support for postsecondary education. In addition to grants, Utah has also awarded tuition waivers and loans to help minimize tuition and fees for its students.

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There are a plethora of competitive online colleges in Utah that provide exemplary degree programs for students to meet their educational goals. To ease your college search, we’ve examined the different schools in the state and evaluated them based on popularity and availability of online degree programs. See which Utah colleges made it to the top in the list below!

Looking to save money on tuition? You’re in luck — Utah has affordable tuition rates for students looking to get a quality education at a low-cost college. There are many reasons why picking a low-cost institution is a great choice. Perhaps you’re looking to explore a new field before committing to it, or you’re just finishing up the final few classes to earn your degree. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of Utah’s colleges, ranked by their tuition rates.

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Best Online Colleges for 2016

Best Online Colleges in Utah

Not only must students consider ranking and cost during their college search, they must also look into accreditation. Attending an accredited institution is critical because it means that your college and degree program meets or exceeds standard academic criteria, and that you’re getting the best educational value in terms of time and money. Accreditation also determines whether students are eligible for financial aid. Last but not least, it also ensures that future employers will recognize your degree.

Browse through the list of accredited online schools in Utah with our database of online programs. To keep things easy for you, we have designed it so that you can easily sort the results based on degree level, program preference, and specific location to find your perfect fit for your needs.

Accredited Online Colleges in Utah

Explore accredited online colleges with our comprehensive database of online programs. Sort the results based on criteria like degree level, location, and program preference to find the schools that best meet your needs.


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